/ video reels /web design

Fernando Sanchez

1380 echo park ave
Los Angeles , CA 90026

1. resume
(videography, postproduction)

2. resume



University of California, Los Angeles
Design and Media Arts; 2004-2006

University of California, Santa Barbara
Religious Studies; English Literature; 2001-2003

Chaffey college, Alta Loma, CA
Philosohpy; 1998-2001

Costume designer reel:
quicktime (4:30)

extract content from dvd's using avid mojo
export and log content into Final Cut
cut sequences according to desired theme
scout and choose music content.
cut music according to sequence
finalize and render to dvd.

poltical satire mashup videos
1 | 2 | (youtube/ flash)

choose and extract content from dvd's
develop concepts for video
edit footage into several sequences
work with partner in finalizing video
render video for web distribution

art video
quicktime ( 2:33)

Develop concept
Shoot and perform in video
edit and finalize

American Booty Idol
1 ( in progress for comedy central/ david spade showbiz show)

Devlelop concept for comedy mashup
scout and gain aquisition for home videos through several online video communites
convert video files for appropriate intergration into final cut
edit several sequence
cut music along to sequence



UCLA Typography class


UCLA Color class


/ teaching assistance

UCLA Design 25 : Color theory
Winter 2005

UCLA Design 153B: Advance Video Design

UCLA Design 160A: Sound Design
FAll 2005

UCLA Design 150A: Brand Lab

UCLA Design 25: Typography and letterforms
Spring 2006