Fake Job on craigslist
Performance Exercise

Summer 05, i started fucking with people on the internet: Fake job postings, fake sex ads, fake myspace profiles, fake parties. I was familiar with the space. it had given me numerous sex partners, some romance, two lasting friendships, random parties, random experiences and a serious of odd jobs. Mischievous and a rascal, the idea of making the virtual crash on reality, to come down hard, all mixed and fucked up - this idea gave me a perverse pleasure. So my first project involved posting a fake job posting for creative producer on craigslist. I gathered all the resumes in a folder and sat one afternoon at a coffee shop reading all the cover letters and resumes. So attached are the resumes of all the people who applied.

Its funny i posted this in 05, before YouTube and before my position as Marketing Director for Feed Company, which pretty much is the job field i posted.

UPDATE: Currently 8 people have contacted me having found their resumes through googling thier names on my site and have asked me nicely to take down their resumes. I have complied as it is a part of the process.

Fernando Sanchez