About the Project

Rascals And Thieves is curatorial production project by Los Angeles based artist Fernando Sanchez. On this website you will find concepts for the production of works, concepts that explore and represent antagonism, discord, mischief, theft, and the joke within the art world and culture at large. I am looking for a team of artist who would like to produce work from the concepts instructed on this website. In return I’m acting as manager producer, seeking venues to show and sell all rascal and thieves’ work. We will share rights to work as partners and specify terms we both are comfortable with. New ideas and updates on funding and venues will continue throughout the project.

Ultimately i would like to see this project grow into an alternative model of art production and distribution that may be more engaging, effective and profitable. If not at least it was fun.

If you would like to work together browse the ideas on the right and send me an email: . /

Unlike Miranda July’s pussy project I’m looking for artist with a little blood stain black humor chard in their nuts. Get devious! You can contribute anonymously or under a pseudonym.

thank you